Women's Soccer defeats Mount Mary 2-1

Women's Soccer defeats Mount Mary 2-1

The Beavers defeated the Mount Mary women's soccer team 2-1 today. Maya March led the Beavers with an early goal and an assist.

  • The Highlights:
  • The Beavers scored each of their goals in the first period. The first came less than two minutes in from Maya March. The Beavers never looked back and the second goal later in the period from Christin Miller would seal the game.
  • Maya March and Christin Miller led the offense recording both goals and a combined seven shots on goal. Maya March assisted Christin Miller for the second goal in the 35th minute.
  • The Beavers owned the middle of the field with great defense and winning a high percentage of touches on 50/50 balls.
  • Maria Cline was great in the net and the lone goal against her came off of a deflected free kick.
  • The Beavers' remaining shots on goal were recorded by Jasmine Tillman, Erica Bechtold, and Whitney Chesser.
  • The Beavers outshot Mount Mary by 23 and recorded five more shots on goal.


  • The Beavers substituted in two players; Emily Benning and Courtney Pence. The Beavers recorded seven fouls in the game.
  • Mount Mary substituted in three players and recorded three fouls.

Next Up: Mt. St. Joseph on 9/24/17 @ 12:00 PM CDT.