Beavers dominate Highlands

The Blackburn Beavers Men's basketball team brought a win today against MacMurray Highlanders with a score of 95-71 in Carlinville on Saturday in a conference match that was originally scheduled for December 17th.

All five starters for the Beavers went into double-digits for points. Jake Maestranzi had 13 points, Willie Orange had 11, Chris Davis had 16, DeAndre Manual had 14, and the lead scorer for the Beavers was Tommy Childs with 18 points. The lead rebounder of the game was DeAndre Manual with eight rebounds.

A lot of 3 points were shot in today's match. The Beavers made 50% of 3 point shots in today's game. Free throws came out to be 87.5% of the shots taken were made. The whole team had a total of 37 rebounds.

The Beavers are back on the court on January 3rd against Principia at 7:00 p.m.