Beavers Challenge Duhawks But Fall Short 92-81

The Blackburn Beavers faced off against the Loras Duhawks today and gave the number 20 team in the country (Loras) a run for their money. The home team fell behind their opponents by as much as 20 (48-28) in the first half. However, they beat the visitors down the floor during the closing minutes to the cut the halftime deficit to 18 with a score of 50-32. Loras put on an amazing defensive display in the first half and forced several Beaver turnovers (11) to Loras's six. They were able to score on a majority of the turnovers and had eight more second chance points in the game than the home team as well.  These stats combined to be the deciding factor for Loras. The key point that cost the Beavers the game lay in these stats as the Duhawks had 17 more points off turnovers and 32 total (more than a third of Loras's total points). The home team had only 15 points off turnovers to Loras 32 and four second chance points to the Duhawk 12. This 25 point swing decided the game as the Beavers dominated all other scoring categories. 

The first half mistakes cost the home team in the end, but the game was not all negative. The Beavers were clearly the more dominant and physical team as they regularly pushed around the visitors offensively and dominated the defensive aspects of the game in the second half. This strong display against one of the best teams in the country should serve as a boost for the confidence of this Blackburn team as they continue to go forward with their season.

By The Numbers:

  • Leading Scorers
    1.  Karson Hayes (2)-24 Blackburn
    2. Jordan Boyd (34)-21 Loras
    3. Demond George (30)-17 Loras
    4. Raushaun Amos (1)-15 Blackburn
  • Leading Distributers
    1. Duncan King (11)-6 Blackburn
    2. Ryan DiCanio (1)-5 Loras
  • Leading Rebounders
    1.  Jamaya Wyatt (21)-8 Loras
    2. Rowan McGowen (21)-6 Loras
  • Leading Shooters (3 Ptrs.)
    1. Karson Hayes (2)-5 on 7 attempts Blackburn
    2. Raushaun Amos (1)-4 on 10 attempts Blackburn
    3. Bryson Kirby (4)-3 on 4 attempts Blackburn
    4. Ryan DiCanio (1)-3 on 5 attempts Loras