Blackburn Women's Basketball Falls to Iowa Wesleyan

Blackburn Women's Basketball Falls to Iowa Wesleyan

The Blackburn Women's Basketball team lost their conference game to the Iowa Wesleyan Tigers, by a score of 67-58. The game took place on Saturday, February 2nd, 2019, at Blackburn College in Carlinville Illinois.


The game was a back and forth scramble for points. Both the Tigers and the Beavers held each other defensively throughout the game. Offensively, both teams scored points evenly throughout the game. The Tigers pulled away late in the game to secure the win against the Beavers when multiple players from the Tigers drained three-pointers.


The Beavers were led offensively by Maria Cline, Savannah Kruse, and Callista Francis, who each had more than ten points. Cline scored 16, going 8-13 from the field. Maria Cline also led the team in offensive rebounds, with nine. Alongside her, Callista Francis couldn't seem to miss any field goals. She shot 5-9, with a total of 13 points. Kruse score twelve points total, which included a long three-pointer from well behind the arc. As a team, the Beavers were 23-72 in field goals, and 4-23 on three-pointers. 

Defensively, the Beavers played a stellar game. Maria Cline the team in rebounds, with a total of 14. Jenna Dudra and Gariel Pearce both caused havoc for the Iowa Wesleyan offense, due to Dudra's two steals and Pearce's three. Kate Smith assisted with two of her own steals as well. The Beavers held the Tigers to less than 20 points every quarter except the third, keeping the game close the entire time. 


For the Tigers, the offense was defined by their best shooter for the game, Allie Massner. Massner scored 25 total points, and went 5-9 from behind the arc, and 9-15 from the field. Following close behind her was Darby Massner, who went 2-5 from the three-point line, and 5-10 from the field. She accounted for 16 of the total points scored during the game. Harriet Fowler had eleven points for the Tigers. Defensively, Darby Massner was unstoppable, with 18 rebounds. She also had a steal late in the game that led to a shot from Fowler, which secured the win against the Beavers.


With this game, the Beavers are now 4-17, and 1-12 in the SLIAC. Their next game will be against Fontbonne University, and will take place on Wednesday, February 6th, 2019, at Fontbonne University.