Blackburn Falls to Webster

On Saturday, the Women's team from Blackburn traveled to Webster University to compete to knock Webster out of the running for conference tournament. As soon as the ball was tossed up for tip-off, things were not going Blackburn's way. 
Blackburn did get the tip to start the game, but had a turnover shortly after as Webster stole the ball out from under their nose. Webster wasn't able to capitalize though, giving the ball back to Blackburn on the rebound. With the next time down, Blackburn was able to score on a lay-up by Candace Pollock, giving the Blackburn the first points of the game. After that, it was turnovers and fouls for three minutes, giving Webster time to take the lead. After Blackburn got another bucket, by Daniele Burnell, Webster went on a 13 point run. 
This quickly became a huge factor for the outcome of the game as Webster continued to have a 27 point run and then a 15 point run. By the start of the fourth quarter, Blackburn was down, 28-83. Anyone who had been watching the game would have said that there was no way the women could make any sort of comeback. The women proved people wrong as they continued to fight and give their best effort. 
The fourth quarter became Blackburn's quarter as they had two jumpers, a three pointers, and 14 points from the free throw line, giving them 21 points for the quarter. Webster was able to get 15 points mainly from jump shots.
Aleisha Stiltner had nine points, with Candace Pollock and Raven Holmes each contributing eight points as well. Daniele Burnell had five rebounds, with Stiltner having four. 
Next time the women play will be at home on Wednesday, February 15th. The game will start at 6 pm sharp against Spalding University.